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BaroN DONOWN  created a new thread Arma 3 Epoch v1.2 - Changelog in the Gaming forum
caatalyst   created a new thread Cherno Redux or Esseker in the General Discussion forum
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Damien ChocBonjour, j essaie de me connecter sur le serveur exile altis mais impossible, je me fais éjecter a chaque fois, je suis sur le teamspeak au cas ou
BaroN DONOWN  Hi, sorry you're having problems. Please try using [link]
Download that, find the server and click the play button. It will download all required mods and launch them correctly so you are able to join the servers.
LightsebJust to say hello !
Lot of work for me but I keep coming here to see the news, happy to see the community keep growing :)
Hope everything is going well with you guys !!! See you soon ;)
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BaroN DONOWN  Hope to see you soon too! :)
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