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GoG's World has reached a new record of 1700 registered users today!
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BaroN DONOWN  created a new thread Arma 3 Epoch v1.3 - Changelog in the Gaming forum
Mefisto   created a new thread underwater missions in the Arma 3 Exile Tanoa forum
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BaroN DONOWNThanks Mooncake! :thumb:
SlipStream   created a new thread Starter pack gone in the DayZ Epoch Chernarus forum
LoekAtMeNow DONADM  created a new thread Screenshot & Video Contest! in the News & Announcements forum
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KIMILCHENwhat wrong with CBA mod on server
BaroN DONOWN  it's updated. restart your arma and it should auto update on your client.
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