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BaroN DONOWNRIP to a well respected and helpful Exile and infiSTAR community member who passed away yesterday @acer5200
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BaroN DONOWNThanks Gerard! :thumb:
Gerard DON  Good to see the server alive more than ever!
BaroN DONOWNThanks mattkoz! :thumb:
BaroN DONOWNThanks Maex! :thumb:
BaroN DONOWNThanks adi! :thumb:
BaroN DONOWNThanks AcDryk! :thumb:
Peace MODThanks Techniko! :)
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BaroN DONOWNThanks fab78340! :thumb:
BaroN DONOWNThanks Captain Cod! :thumb:
Peace MODThanks CeD-78! :)
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Pepan977hello how to join in GOGS Chernarus server ? i not find in the a3 launcher or arma server browser
Peter DONADM  Hey pepan, you should be able to locate the server in A3L by simply typing "GoG" or on the vanilla launcher again by searching GoG. However the chernarus server is an arma 2 server, so wont be on a3l
BaroN DONOWN  You can use the DayZ Launcher to join GoG's World Arma 2 DayZ Epoch server:
BaroN DONOWNThanks Abdullah! :thumb:
TheMorpheussomeone can fix bug kick in the server exile dayz altis pls
Big Fat Pig   created a new thread You can't pack your bike incombat. in the DayZ Epoch Chernarus forum
Big Fat Pig   created a new thread Things that lock and the issues they cause. in the DayZ Epoch Chernarus forum
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