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Snipercymraeg[AWE]Has the Altis :2362 server gone down ?
Snipercymraeg[AWE]   Yeah same ip
Snipercymraeg[AWE]   Back up
BaroN DONOWN  Yes, both exile servers were unreachable although, they were actually up. My initial thoughts were that something was up with BattlEye but, on investigation this turned out to be a network outage at the OVH data centre we use. Apologies for the inconvenience but, this is beyond our control.
tulipanoblu   created a new thread Allways kicked from server in the Arma 3 Exile Altis forum
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National Lambooooooooom
Uploaded by A H on 2014-12-02.
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Hawthorne   4 years since this legendary shot.
HawthorneThanks for keeping Novy warm for us. We'll be taking that back now.
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