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BaroN DONOWNThanks Mooncake! :thumb:
SlipStream   created a new thread Starter pack gone in the DayZ Epoch Chernarus forum
LoekAtMeNow DONADM  created a new thread Screenshot & Video Contest! in the News & Announcements forum
BaroN DONOWNThanks Cloudskipper!! :thumb:
BaroN DONOWNThanks Maex! :thumb:
BaroN DONOWNThanks Spinler!! :thumb:
KIMILCHENwhat wrong with CBA mod on server
BaroN DONOWN  it's updated. restart your arma and it should auto update on your client.
SolovyovGuys, something wrong with CBA mod on server.
Solovyov   Thank you very much! It's working now!
BaroN DONOWNThanks Techniko! :thumb:
LilStomples xLol wish the mod/admins would pay as much attention to the server as they do this website. Deleted 2 forums thus far and have yet to help with anything the forums talked about. Least now we know you do SEE the issues you just don't do anything about it.
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BaroN DONOWN  What utter crap. If you're butthurt, got killed and didn't like it move on to another server like you keep threatening to do instead of constantly trying to trash ours on Discord, the web and probably anywhere else...Seriously, if you dislike the server so much, why do you insist on staying? We really won't miss you if you would be so kind as to move on. Maybe SIMS would be a good game for you.

No forums were deleted. Maybe you meant posts...?

Your post that was non-constructive, belligerent and rude was deleted as it served no purpose to anybody and was just a load of toxic waffle. The other post your friend submitted was moved to the Issues Forum where it should have been posted in the first place. That post wasn't posted by you so, mind your own business.
BaroN DONOWN  Just a reminder to everyone, our servers are not for the faint hearted or snowflakes. Our servers are for veterans.
Askey MOD  Well said and goodbye!!!
Mefistocome here to register,then i realise i had account from 2014....damn 5 year past so fast...
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BaroN DONOWN  Good to have you back from your 5 year sabbatical.... :)
Askey MOD  welcome back and have fun!!!
BaroN DONOWNThanks Abdullah! :thumb:
Askey MODMerry Christmas
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BaroN DONOWNMerry Christmas everyone!
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BaroN DONOWNThanks 3r3m1t! :thumb:
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